Fortezza Bellinzona

Doing archaeology

Aimed at: the first two years of middle school
Duration: 2hr 30
Price: CHF 180.00/class
Languages: Italian
Maximum number of participants: one class (max. 24 students).
Location: Prestino teaching room, Montebello

How can the past survive underground, and how can artifacts be transformed into talking witnesses? What investigation methods and tools do archaeologists use?
An ideal journey through the history of the region to discover the cultures that came before us and get to know many unfamiliar aspects of archaeologists’ work, such as excavation, interpreting finds, and documentation. The children take on the role of archaeologists by trying their hand at excavation and experiencing the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of historical reconstruction. The experience ends with an activity related to the Archaeology Montebello exhibition.

The workshop is part of the educational programme offered by the Ticino Archaeological Association (ATT)



08.04.2024 - 03.11.2024
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