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The ceiling of the Cervia in Bellinzona

A reconstructed Renaissance treasure
Multimedia exhibition at the Castel Grande in Bellinzona
19 November, 2021 – 27 February, 2022

Thanks to modern multimedia techniques, the exhibition at the Castel Grande in Bellinzona presents the reconstruction of a particularly valuable work of art previously housed in a Renaissance palace in the centre of Bellinzona, which was unfortunately demolished in 1970.
An extraordinary series of 280 remarkably high quality tempera images, depicted on sheets of paper glued to the ceiling panels, has fortunately been saved, and some of them are on display in the Museum’s permanent exhibition, in the evocative setting of Castel Grande, while the others are not normally visible to the public.

On this exceptional occasion, you can admire this work in its entirety, thanks to a meticulous multimedia reconstruction based on research carried out by the art historian Vera Segre.
Numerous portraits of historical and literary figures from ancient, biblical, Greek, and Roman history and literature, as well as from the medieval period up to the Renaissance.

The repertoire of musical instruments depicted is also of great interest, as are the illustrations of animals, mostly related to hunting, or of exotic origin, as well as others related to myth.
Particularly entertaining is the series of images dedicated to the “upside down world”, which indicate a link with the Carnival tradition, probably very much alive in Bellinzona even then.

The exhibition is available in four languages: Italian, French, German, and English


19.11.2021 - 27.02.2022




Castel Grande

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